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Crestline PRR Roundhouse July 13, 1947

(Photo by Glendale Hoffman)

Crestline Engine

This site is a chronicle of the PRR engine facilities at Crestline, Ohio. It contains both historic and current photographs, track map, and other PRR documents, as well as a history of the facilities from its construction in 1918-20 through its closing in 1967, when the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central merged, becoming Penn Central, and continuing up to the present. The roundhouse structure itself still stands, albeit in an extremely deteriorated state, worsening daily. Although most of the windows are broken out and the masonry crumbling, the steel framework is still structurally sound.

There are photographs of its construction and some action shots, the work that was done there, and additions and changes to the facility through the years. Also included are some of the unique steam locomotives that called Crestline their home.

If there are any photographs on this site that are not properly credited, or should not be here due to copyright or any other reason, please e-mail me by clicking on the link below. I will take immediate steps to correct the problem.

I have created this site with two purposes in mind. The first is simply to show what the Crestline engine facilities were like when it was in operation, and secondly, as this is the only PRR "Lines West Type A" engine house still extant, to show what time and neglect have done to it and, hopefully, to arouse interest in preserving this historic structure. It would certainly be terrible if this once proud roundhouse is allowed to continue to die a slow, crumbling death. There is still time to rally support for its conservation, but time is running out. To find out how you can become a part of the conservation effort, you can contact The Crestline Roundhouse Preservation Society for more information.

The Crestline Roundhouse Preservation Society, Inc., recognized as a 501(c)(3) Federal tax-exempt organization, was established on March 28, 2002. Among its goals are to preserve the roundhouse and record its history, both written and oral. The C.R.P.S. now has its new and updated official web site on line at http://www.crestlineroundhouse.org. Please take some time to visit their site, as it is quite different from this one. If you are interested in joining and helping with the preservation efforts, you will find a membership form on their website.

BURKHART PHOTOS ADDED. Never before published photographs by Henry C. Burkhart. These photographs were taken in the 1930-40s on a large format camera. The scenes are inside the roundhouse showing work in progress, the installation of the new 110' turntable, and the men who worked there.

NEW PAGE ADDED. A new page, The Duplex and Experimental Steam Engines, looks at these mighty engines and their inseperable tie to the Crestline Engine Facility. Crestline was the home terminal for many of these engines and is a major reason why Crestline should be remembered as an important PRR facility.

Please bookmark this site and come back to learn more about this unique and interesting division point facility on the former Ft. Wayne mainline between Pittsburgh and Chicago, and to follow updates on the preservation efforts.


It is with saddness that I must report that the Crestline roundhouse was demolished beginning on March 19, 2007. For more information, go to Preservation and click on May 6, 2007 in the index.


If you are in the area, you may visit the property, however, remember that it is private property. Because of this, you would be trespassing at your own risk.

Most recent updates to this site: (Click on the links at the bottom of this page)
  • Preservation: May 6, 2007. Roundhouse demolished.
  • Photo Gallery: February 20, 2005. J1, K4, and H10 at the roundhouse, S1 leaving station.
  • Preservation: January 9, 2005. Historical Collections of The CRPS.
  • Photo Gallery: January, 8, 2005. Two turntable accidents, coal dock, and the S2.
  • Photo Gallery: July 24, 2004. Several new photos of the roundhouse.
  • Preservation: July 18, 2004. The C.R.P.S. recognized as 501(c)(3) organization, roundhouse on OPA's 2004 List of 10 Most Endangered Places.
  • The Duplex and Experimental Steam Engines: July 18, 2004. Completely redone to include all duplex and experimental engines with photos.
  • Preservation: February 27, 2004. News about The CRPS 2004 Annual Meeting and Open House.
  • Burkhart Photos: June 1, 2003. Seven new photos added.
  • The Duplex and Experimental Steam Engines: February 16, 2003. First installment: The S-1.
  • Preservation: February 15, 2003. Annual Meeting and Open House, March 15, 2003, CRPS official web site.
  • Preservation: November 30, 2002. Recent activities of The C.R.P.S.
  • History: November 30, 2002. WWII to the Present.
  • Photo Gallery: September 7, 2002. Three new aerial photos of the roundhouse. K-28 at the station, c. 1915. Three new photos of the Union Depot, one showing a D class engine.
  • Preservation: August 19, 2002. Brick wall on stall #30 collapses, CRPS forms new committees.
  • Photo Gallery: August 19, 2002. Two new aerial photos of the roundhouse, 1951 photo of railroad YMCA.
  • Preservation: July 1, 2002. CRPS granted non-profit status in the State of Ohio, CRPS Membership Form and more!
  • History: June 2, 2002. Smoke Deflector Tests.
  • Burkhart Photos: April 24, 2002. A new page devoted to the photography of Henry C. Burkhart.
  • Photo Gallery: April 1, 2002. Photographs by Ron Widman from the mid 1960s and 1970s.
  • Preservation: March 28, 2002. Formation of The Crestline Roundhouse Preservation Society, and an artist's rendering of what the roundhouse could look like in the future.

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